Lesson/Custom Fitting or Both?


Are ALL Impact/Swing data capture devices the same...?
What do they tell ME and ultimately YOU.....?
The view from a PGA Coach/Custom Fitting Specialist...?

With almost 30 years as a PGA Golf Professional!! You'd expect me to have developed a little understanding with regards to golf swings and golf equipment? Of course I have, but I can honestly say that in the past 4 years I've learnt that a lot of what I believed to be correct has been shown to be flawed. You could say I required a recalibration of my knowledge with the REAL FACTS provided by TrackMan.

TrackMan is the only kit on the market that measures every parameter there is to measure within a golf swing or the corresponding golf ball flight characteristics! Other devices such as FlightScope or GC2 only measure some of the parameter's and use algorithms to try and determine the rest. Its no wander that ALL the Tour Pro's ONLY use TrackMan....

I've always known that to play good, even great golf the corresponding golf swing didn’t need to be an exact replica of the aesthetical beauty of lets say ADAM SCOTT. Just ask "JIM FURYK"…. Jim now happens to be the only player in USPGA TOUR history to have shot 58!! His longevity on tour and career money list earnings don’t care that his swing aesthetics closely resemble an octopus falling out of a tree. SO how do you go about guaranteeing that you'll ACTUALLY get better from GOLF LESSONS or a CLUB FITTING or perhaps BOTH?

I'm using the data captured from one of my recent club fittings to a very good player off a handicap of 1. He was using clubs purchased off the shelf that looked good to his eye and felt good at impact. Below is a screenshot from his initial 7 iron shots using his own non custom fitted clubs.

s you can clearly see an average dispersal off target of 14.9 feet to the left and a total distance of 168 yards couldn't really be classed as poor.

SO, how do we/I go about improving this client by firstly custom fitting him and then also making sure that if he were to decide to also have instruction, his new clubs would allow him to calibrate what was being asked!

Over the next few months in my MONTHLY BLOG I'll break down the process so you'll see what truly separate's us from our competitors.....

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